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Segway-Ninebot Go Kart Question

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Hi guys,

I've had the go-kart kit for a while now and absolutely love it. I recently changed it from white to matte black, and upgraded the miniPRO tires from stock to these  bigger, wider racing tires I got from a local shop. (Now I can go 30 km/h)


Anyways, while I was painting it I noticed that there is an extra GX12 Port similar to the charging port for the miniPRO located under the "Nose" of the go-kart. (I'm talking about the part in the middle of the brake and accelerator that has the steering wheel connected to it). I tried plugging in the miniPRO charger into it but it wouldn't fit because the miniPRO charger is a 4-pin and this port is a 6-pin. 


Does anyone have any idea what this is for?? I've looked all over the Internet and can't find anything. Not even in the user manual.


And does anyone know if there is such a cable where I can plug it into the miniPRO, and plug in the go-kart cable and the charger at the same time so that way while I'm using the miniPRO in the go-kart I can have it charging at the same time.

I want to do this because recently I purchased a battery inverter and I'm able to plug in the charger into it. And I experimented to test if the miniPRO can be used while being charged, and it can.


Thanks guys!


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On 9/3/2019 at 3:51 AM, Rocky Dubb said:

Thanks guys!

I apologize for answering so late

I am very bad at English, everyone here knows it :P

please, take a look at this cable, and tell me what you think, Is this cable useful for those who know how to tinker?

GoKart Parts Electrics Cable Line Wire Line for carrier Ninebot MiniPro, 


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