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XIMA Lhotz - Alternative iOs app


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The 'iamips' app is the new official app, which does not seem compatible with the XIMA based devices. My guess is that all new units from now on will be using a new model of mainboard/firmware that only works with the 'iamips' app. 

This is similar to how when the "plus" versions of all the old models came out, they were compatible with the XIMA apps - I'm betting they just stuck the XIMA mainboard into the old models, and they probably did the same thing again now that they made a new mainboard for the IPS Zero.

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@Bart you don't have to cut the wires. You can just loose the connector to the speaker to disable the sound completely or put some blu-tack as @Paddylaz said over the speaker so you still have the beeps but at a more reasonable volume. 

Opening the case is easy but make sure when you close the wheel to check that no cables get squeezed as there's a lot of cables and they can get in the way sometimes. 


And about the legs hurting, I had that too with my first wheel when learning (squeezed my legs around the wheel for better balance) , but now I never touch the wheel with my legs so it gets better :-)

(if you ride normally and don't do tricks that is).

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Hello! What is the status on Kevin's app? I have understood that there has been atleast one silent upgrade in the faster plus series, for both 121+/T350+ and Lhotz. Does the app still work with the latest T350+ and Lhotz wheels?


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I got my Lhotz a few weeks back. IamIPS app states the firmware (or "Board Version") as 4.2.7. No updates available.

Only the IamIPS app connects to my Lhotz. Kevin's XIMA-Lhotz, or the other Xima app won't find devices to connect to. I guess it happened after all, the current boards have changed something that prevents the old apps to connect.

Kevin, may we hope that some day your XIMA-Lhotz app would be updated to work with the current models? IamIPS is slow making connection, and doesn't automatically reconnect after a restart.

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Kevin, if you're still on this forum -- and you're willing to open-source the app, please do! The official iamips app doesn't download anymore...and I'd love to take a crack at updating yours!

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