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Anyone know what changes occurred in the v1.13 update?

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Welcome to the forum @GoldenOne!

FW version 1.13 is more responsive... Better acceleration and braking... Very smooth to ride.

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How did you get your wheel to update? I've tried updating my 18L using the Android app from Sept 5, 2019 (version 3.1.8) and it seems to know there is a FW version 1.13 available, but it doesn't offer to update. Selecting the check for firmware button reports nothing to upgrade to.





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I suppose we are talking about 18(X)L firmware.

On iOS (latest app 1.3) my 18XL barely connects (once every 10 attempt) then when trying to update the app claims 1.12 is the latest version.

Any way to solve this would be greatly appreciated.

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Different wheel but After updating my 16s it's completely unrideable now can't recalibrate the horizontal level and when you try to ride it either tilts down horribly or tilts up horribly. I knew I should never have downloaded the newest firmware. Incredibly horrible purchase! If only I could go back to the last firmware.

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