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Bluetooth audio without earbuds?

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I'm currently using Darkness Bot with alarms to let me know if I'm going over on speed or current on the wheel. The problem is that when I'm going 25mph, there a lot of wind noise, and I may not hear my phone's speaker or feel the vibration if it's just in my pocket. So I could use some bluetooth earbuds, but then it's harder to listen for cars. So I was considering putting some bluetooth speakers in my helmet. 

Anybody have any experience with these systems?

I was considering something like this: https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/sena-20s-evo-bluetooth-headset


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I know you said no ear buds but I really love my apple air pods for this. I only put one in and it fits perfectly under my full face helmet. I have it really low so I can still hear all around me. 

I use that combined with my apple watch to tell me speeds and other data points also with Darknessbot. 

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