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So I went past Halfords today and thought I'd go in and have a look ;)

After 'reviewing' all the legal nonsense being banded about lately about these things (edit - not the Unicycle, but segways / hoverboards / scooters etc.!) I kinda thought I should have a red light at the back and a white light at the front.  Not so much to draw (even more!) attention to myself, but to 'be seen' to be trying at least?

Anyhoo, there were some lovely expensive items on the shelves and I almost opted to spend over £20 on a pair until I got back to near the checkout when I spotted these little gems.  Halfords 'own brand' and the code 166540 on the packaging, with a price tag of £5.

Back home, and looking at mounting options I realised I could just 'prize' them out of the rubber 'bandings' supplied and just stick them to the frame?  Got the rear one gluing as I type (24hr Aero-poxy) and will do the front tomos :D

I'm sure there are cheaper ones on that infamous auction site we all love, which rhymes with 'fleabate', but these looks good enough for the job - alloy housings, and 30 hrs on 2xCR2032 cells (card of eight from the pound shop? all included with these particular items - just need to pull the tag!) at 'steady glow' or 60 hrs on flashing mode.

Also saw some pretty snazzy pumps in the bike section but resisted the urge there :P

Light Front.jpg

Light Back.jpg

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Several riders have those lights (not glued but screwed on) for their ninebots, I got a pair as well but went for more lumens in the end. Check out the mod thread there is somebody that 3Dprinted adapters for these lights to fit into the available holes.

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