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Eddie A. Steiner

Crashed - no wristgards

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Well, I thought I'd add to the crash posts, I got mine last friday night. I was riding with my brother at Riverwalk, Tampa, Fl. He was on my Ninebot Scooter and I was on my Ninebot S2 unicycle. We had been riding for about 2 hours and I was a little tired, felt my legs getting a bit twitchy from fatigue, knew I should have called it a night. We decided to do about 30 minutes more. Now I need to say that I had a beer about 20 minutes before the crash, don't know if that had any thing to do with it, just saying. Anyways, I was heading in the direction of the parking lot to call it a night and was doing a bit of medium carving on the way.....and then. That's when I felt the wheel come out from underneath me and I went down. I was going about 12mph when it happened and sort of fell backwards on my backpack and my right hand. Unfortunately I was NOT wearing wristguards and instead had on my workout fingerless gloves that saved me from road rash but not the impact. My wrist and my thumb area are very sore but getting better.

Moving forward I will be wearing all pads and a helmet. This sport is too risky not to wear protection. One fall can ruin the rest of your life, not worth it. The sport is also extremely fun so will not be giving it up, just better protection. I was back on my wheel the next day just taking it easy and getting back in the saddle. Love the sport, wear the pads, enjoy!


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