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16X Battery Pack Seat Concept

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I think it is that Russian site EcoDrift or YouTube... some guy did a DIY to a InMotion Wheel with a custom oversized pack above the wheel, but inside the enclosure. I think it boosted the power but at the cost of top heavy. How about a battery pack in your backpack? It is called Vamp. A few OneWheel guys do this to their wheel to get extra range. The main warning is OverCharging which can cause shutdown of the wheel. 

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I'm certainly no expert, but everyone has always warned of mixing different battery types. Even different manufacturers of the same type isn't recommended (or even different batches/ages of the same cell!). They should be as similar as possible. Build your extra pack from the same 3500mAh LG 18650s that Kingsong uses.

The wiring is no problem, just use a standard connector (whatever KS uses internally) and some Y cabling and you can remove and plug in your extra pack at will. It's a bit more complicated than this (balancing wires), but look how Gotway does it (plenty of disassembly pictures and videos) on 3 battery pack wheels (Monster/Nikola 1845Wh or Monster 2400Wh or Nikola 2100Wh) for some inspiration. I believe KS charging goes through the board, unlike Gotways, but that shouldn't make a difference when you have 3 instead of two packs beyond the board. (I might be wrong!)

You might get a KS BMS directly from them or a good seller (ewheels). Can't hurt to ask.

Just be sure the battery packs are at the same voltage when you connect your extra pack. You can easily do this with a voltmeter and the ability to separately charge your extra pack so it matches the wheel voltage before you plug it in.

(Or you just buy a bigger battery Nikola;))

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