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Ninebot ES 2 Error Code 16


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So  i have my Ninebot es2 since  october 2018 (the black) and bought the additional battery in January 2019.

I did not have an issue other than some loose screws here and there with it until recently where when i turn the light on it goes only for 12 - 15 km/h instead of 30 km/h.

Sometimes it was going slow 8 - 11 km/h even with the lights off. I disassembled the scooter and saw that the connectors to the motor (blue and brown) have melted.

I Attempted to repair the Mainboard and replace the "b" resistor that apparently is causing this issue.

The problem is after doing that My ES2 does now not work at all.

I can turn it on and off with the dashboard (which does not display anything. It does not beep)

The Controller board has a red led all the time after i turn it on and the green LED shows a green flash  followed by 6 short green flashes. It repeats this pattern a few times and truns itself off.

I am not sure if this is how it shows the error code. Could it be error 16?

What exactly does error code 16 mean?

" Battery change MOS abnormal,check control board"

Does anyone knows if i can fix it somehow or where i screwed up?


Any help would be awesome! Thanks

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Maybe Pictures can help clarify the situation? 

At first i tried to replace it. But my soldering skills are bad, so i soldered 2 little wires and attached the replacement at the end of the wires.

That did not work, so i bridged it with solder instead. same result. The green led blinks in the pattern. normal, fast,fast,fast,fast,fast,fast ( 1x normal , 6 x fast)



what to do?




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