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Taking an EUC on a greyhound


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Hey all. I am new to my EUC but love it and would reallly like to be able to take it on a greyhound bus to some upcoming conferences I have to attend. Being in a big new city would be so much more fun if I had my EUC to zoom around on in the evenings. Has anyone (recently) tried to bring their EUC on a greyhound bus trip? I would only be bringing a small backpack and my EUC so I would hope they would let me store it under the bus or take it on the bus and put my bag below? I ride a KS18XL so its a lil big to put in any over head storage but if the bus was empty enough I could put it on the floor of the seat next to me. thanks for any insight! 


(i did find an old thread re. this but it was almost 5 years old and not super informative)

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The EUC will not be accepted as checked baggage or in the cargo hold under the bus per Greyhound policy.  You should be able to take it as a carry on as a personal mobility device.  The driver will have the discretion. They may require it to be stored in the overhead compartment and only the smallest ones will fit.  

Of course putting it in a bag or suitcase would get it there with you too. 

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I don't think you'd need a full-on suitcase, but definitely take a thicker fabric bag/sack that can be closed (or wrapped up with tape/twine/etc) completely around the wheel and which can then collapse into your backpack when not being used.

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