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Open gotway mcm2 14


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Dear eu enthusiasts,

I would like to open the casing to fix the placemat of the wheel. All the screws are loose, but it Sems imposible to separate the to halfs of the gotway. Can anyone help with Some suggestions? Thanks!

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Hi all, thank you.

I indeed found the answer. My PCB was blocking a screw of the casing. The PCB Could not be completely removed, because elements are glued over a screw on the PCB itself. I Could rotate it a little, leaving the last screw on the PCB, to reach the screw of the casing.

Its not really thought trough when it was put together, because it makes it very difficult for amateurs to change tires for example.

It all was a bit nerve-wrecking when you don't want to destroy your little toy ;).

Thanks for the answers.

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