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Airwheel Q1, why do you not balance


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Thanks for noticing. 

Here is what happened.

i received my airwheel q1 in July.

i've had two flats, unfortunately on the side where all the lights are. Changing inner tubes was a pain in the a$$ but I managed to get them taken care of. Airwheel's return policy is the unit is opened they can't do anything about it.

fastforward a few days ago when I decided to change my 12 inch inner tube which appears to be slightly larger than the other 12 inch inner tunes, I've only been able to hear it beep, and not even balance.

i also remember hearing a mild sound which I can only compare to a mild electric pop noise.

not seems wrong the unit.

i have three ideas what might be wrong

1- the electric noise I heard was a inner circuit board damage concern

2- the wire which runs through the wheel is damaged/ possibly from a sudden force


3 the inner tube is too big which unables the unit to balance 

I'm thinking the inner tube might be the problem but it's such a small difference 


what do you guys think?


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Hello. Certainly not the inner tube, but can you turn the wheel by hand with no resistance ?

I understand you opened the wheel, repaired the tyre and close back. Probably something electric damaged in  this operation. Don't activate more,you could overheat something. Open the wheel again :wacko: and carefully look : if a cable is cut or removed from his pin, if it does not interfere with the wheel, overheat traces, or else...

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There is resistance when turned on.

i see the cable running through the wheels has some overheat traces. Looks like some of the tiny wires inside it are affected.

what would you recommend from this point?


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2 possibilities : 

- if overheat is due to electric problem, I cannot help you.

- if it is contact with the wheel, you have to manage with. See if you have mounted the wheel as it was before (some can move a little when the nut is not tightened enough).

If the wheel is well, you have to pass the cable where it should (think it over), or maintain it in a good position with adequate and durable fixations.

Edit : I read your msg again, seems there is some damage to the cable. You have to repair it so it will be able to sustain efforts and moves and water. If you cannot fully repair, only one solution : change ! It will probably need some more dismantle, and soldering new cable. Remove battery before, or be sure of what you do. Or ask a pro… or vendor if wheel is under warrant.

Good luck

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