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From the Segway (PT) to an EUC

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Are you an EUC rider who once owned or have ridden a Segway (pre-Ninebot)? What's your opinion about the different riding styles, whether it's easier or not? 

I used to frequent Segway Chat when I owned a Segway i2 (PT - Personal Transporter). I sold that Segway and have blown through e-scooters, e-skateboards, Ninebot's stuff (Mini Pro, Drifts) and landed on the EUC as my favorite Segway alternative. 

People on the Segway boards emphasized that knowing how to ride a Segway wouldn't translate to riding an EUC. I was discouraged and didn't look into owning one until recently. I'm glad I finally did because it feels most like the Segway of the other PEVs I've owned.

The side-to-side balance is challenging, but the front and back lean feels Segway-ish (new word). I am not as comfortable on a EUC as I was on a Segway...yet. 


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Segway experience doesn't directly translate to EUC experience. The good thing is you are not as scared as the people who have never tried self-balancing vehicles. EUC to me is more a bicycle experience as you need to find the left-right balance. EUC is also my favourite commuting tool. 

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