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Inmotion V8 stopped working. Strange noise and Green light on control panel


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I was wheeling my Inmotion V8 today, switched it off to have some food and when I tried turning it back on it didn't turn on. I figured it needed a charge.

When I brought it home, it didn't charge.

When I opened it up today, I noticed a strange noise coming from it, when I opened it up, despite the machine being off (because the switch didn't turn it on) there is a Green light on the control panel, I don't know what this means.

Can anybody help me, I really need super help. 


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I've solved it.
There was a problem with the two Main Cables inside, the red and black one, unplug the yellow holder for them, then wiggle it around and reattach, all the lights should come back on, see if it balances.
Basically the solution was just the 'take out and blow' trick for video games haha.

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I had a similar issue where my V8 was stuck in deep tiltback mode after exhausting the battery and recharging to full. Power cycling it that way solved the issue.

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