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Problem of Choice between 3 wheels ! Help me please :)


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Hi the wheelers,

I currently have an MSX 84V 1600w. Problem, I drive 60% in the city and 40% in the wood. So, I'm not so sure that my MSX meet my needs.

For information I measure 193m for 87kg rather long and thin. I have big feet too;) 46 in French size. Finally, I drive at maximum 43-45 km / h. I sometimes risk having to take it in transport. I am mainly looking for reactivity and the couple.

I feel torn between these 3 wheels: Keep my MSX / take a Nikola Plus or take a Tesla V2.

What do you think ? Thanks a looooot ! ;)


Screenshot 2019-06-27 at 11.23.17.png

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Well, Tesla is not nearly as forest friendly with it’s tiny tire as the other two. 40% in the forest? I would forget the Tesla.

For Nikola vs MSX, I’m not sure the Nikola would be much better for you, since based on what you wrote it seems the MSX actually already fits you pretty well.

Easier acceleration, lift cut-off switch, easier trollying, but a smaller tire. Those are the obvious differences. Are they worth the upgrade to you?

ps. If you decide to get the Nikola, make sure you wait a bit. All Nikolas made so far may have a dangerous issue in the cooling mechanism.

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