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V5f/Glide 2 flat


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Well, it had to happen sometime, and it finally happened to me. Riding home, suddenly I'm riding the wheel sideways. Hop off into the teeth of traffic to find the wheel is indeed flat. Walk over to somewhere safer and perform an inspection ... nothing. No sign of a puncture anywhere on the tire. But no air either. So, I wait for a bus. And wait. And wait.

On getting home, I tear it down and go looking ... Zippo. Nada. No foreign object penetration anywhere. But there's a rough line right around both sides of the tube, and a gummy clumping of something just below it. Immersion in water finds the leak ... in that rough line. Looks like the tire has abraded the tube. I have no idea how this might happen ... So I put a patch over the site of the hole, and used up all the rest of the patches in my kit to strengthen the rest of the line out an inch from that penetration. A new tube is in order ... but I'm stumped as to how it happened in the first place, or how to prevent it in the future.

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