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What model is this unicycle?


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Good day, new member here, can someone help me identify what model is my euc? I'm sure it's from China ( please ignore the blue LED light string at the mid, it's just a mod I made) and it runs like 10-15kmph

Another question, is this model upgradable in terms of speed?

Sorry for the newbie questions :)


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The platforms look a bit nicer than normal, but my guess would be a generic 350W like this:


The range stated on the page is unrealistic, if you have 135Wh you can expect something like 10 to 13km.

The speed of 10/15 is also the same I have on my generic:



you made a review of mine here, plus have described a fix i had to do when a battery shorted...

right now I am actually again in the process of fixing the batteris, since another one have shorted, I hope you have more luck with yours.

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Nope.  Can't tell what make or model that is.  The shell is shiny so it might not be made of the strong material.  The body is like generation 1 type, but the pedal and thus the pedal hangers are not.  Should be nothing wrong with it - a generic type.  Some makes put a big battery on a generic wheel.  Enjoy it.

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