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Pinwheel T1, T1F, and T1S

Michael Anthony

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I hope someone can help who actually knows what is what.  I have spent hours trying to figure this out, but my research just leads to more questions. I am just trying to get my head around the various Pinwheel models and how to know which one I am ordering. I am in the US and there seem to be three models: T1, T1F, and the T1S. My confusion is over the specs. I have tried to track down the company in China(www.topjoyint.com) but their website doesn't include any mention of unicycles as one of their products. Their is another company that seems connected(Skyworld) but I can not track down any useful info. There seems to be a lot of companies called Skyworld in the world. 

The US Amazon site sells Pinwheels under both these sellers names(Topjoy and Skyworld) but they seem to be selling totally different versions at totally disparate prices. Their various ads on Amazon seem like a mix of different specs. I tried contacting them through Amazon but not getting anywhere there. 

I just want to know what the newest and best model is and where I can buy it??? 

Any help would be amazing. I am planning to buy a Ninebot Pro but want an inexpensive but decent one to learn on and basically wreck before I start using my Ninebot. Also, I want to start learning now and the Pro does not come out until Nov. 

Thank you in advance for your feedback,


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