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Is Solowheel/Inmotion dead?

F.J. Abaya

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I believe the V8 remains one of the top-selling EUC's at least in North America and Europe? And it remains at least ~25+% lighter than any other 16" wheel available.

The V10(F), while not quite competitive at the very highest end spec-wise (hence why many hardcore enthusiasts tend to champion other wheels/brands with higher top speeds and bigger batteries), still remains many people's gold-standard for ride comfort/cushiness (the closest to feeling like it has suspension, even though it doesn't/there have been no EUC's with suspensions, yet).

The V10(F) was released only a year ago in 2018.

There's rumor of a V8 refresh but probably not until 2020?

I don't really have any inside knowledge (except I do have both a V8 and a V10F, and would agree with the aforementioned common characterization of the V10[F]'s overall ride comfort), but these are things I've read here and elsewhere. InMotion is alive and (I believe, quite) well, they just have a longer development cycle between releases.

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I have an inmotion v8 and gotway MSX.  Inmotion v8 is still my most used EUC.  Much more refined and the trolley handle is perfect, very easy to roll around or stow under a desk (small size, light weight).

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