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Dualtron 2 tires


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Hey guys, currently looking for dualtron 2, limited , ultra riders.


i have been having MAJOR issues with my rear tubes-tires. I bought a dualtron 2 ex about 2 months ago & it served me extremely well. Then I had my first bursted tube that was just last week Sunday , now here I am a week later and I've gone thru 4 tubes already. It's not my environment either, I take the same way back and forth to work. I just don't know what the issue is anymore. I feel like I've done all I can to fix the issue because the machine is brand spanking new but I can't even RELY on it after spending 2k and enjoying it for 2 months (before summer even started). Please if there is anyone who can help  me with this issue let me know...if someone offers me a good price for it , I also will be willing to work something out.

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