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How far can you go? E+


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So I went for a ride on my E+ today - all the way to see my lovely daughter (any excuse to 'hop on' the wheel!) :D

I knew it was 9 miles away - driven it loads of times, and even walked it once to collect the car (after a very decent amount of alcohol was 'accidentally' consumed :P

Fully charged the other day, my reading on the phone was 100%.  I went around to the shop first, only a few hundred yards away, and realised how cold it was so returned to the car to grab a hat.  Continued over to her house checking the power levels every now and then thinking if it goes down to 50% I'll have to turn back and jump in the car instead (didn't have the charger with me!).

Reached a certain point and read 60% so thought I'd just get there and worry about getting back later on.

Had a nice few house catching up before heading home - checked the power before I left and read it as 54%.  Now knowing LiPo batteries as I do (flown R/C toys for many years using them) I pretty much knew that, unless the software had some fantastic algorithms and innovation had moved on with the Ninebot, 54% didn't actually mean I had just over half my power left, more like a third if I was lucky?

Powered back toward home, pretty straight line, no hills to speak of etc. up and down kurbs.  Felt my first 'push back' on the pedals at 3.5 miles to go so took it easy - funnily enough, I was passing a bus station not so far away which I could utilise on this occasion?  Decided to continue on but keeping the speed to a very considerate pace.

2 miles away and I could really feel the pressure coming back to me through the pedals but pushed on best I could.

Half a mile away and the fast beeping started, the pedals pushed me right back and I had to concede defeat and carry it the last few hundred yards - may be if I hadn't diverted that early trip I may have just made it, who knows, I may just have to try it again sometime ;)

So 'just shy of' 18 miles covered in one charge - 29km.  Just for the record, I was 77kg's dressed and ready for the outing on the 13.8kg E+ (haven't checked, just whats on the web?) giving a total 'moving' weight of 100.8kg's.  Weather was pretty cold (I was layered up for warmth) but dry, and the terrain was all pavement with no hills to worry about.  Journey time of roughly 90 minutes each way (average 6mph?) including waiting at lights, many kurb mounts / dismounts, and the odd 'check the power remaining' break.

Best thing, I didn't fall off once - a few 'controlled' dismounts when the kurbs weren't quite up to the job (ready my skills weren't up to the job!) of going up - no problem going down of course - so no bruises or wounds to lick tonight, just a few beers and a film or two to relax to :)


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