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Gotway MCM5 Sleeve/cover?

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Hi all!

Does anyone know where I could buy or have any DIY ideas for covering the MCM5? I've let go of the idea of keeping the shell free of dings after the first 30 miles but if there's a nice looking cover out there that might enhance the aesthetic or protect it further that'd be awesome.

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there are none, for any gotway wheels.. however an inmotion v5 or v8 cover may work.. i know the v8 cover fits over the tesla very snugly so it may fit well on the mcm5, or a very snug v5 cover, ive never even seen a diy solution, best i can think of is a custom made neoprene sleeve if you could find a good tailor/seamstress willing to make one, which would be quite expensive


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I covered mine with vinyl tape but a bit too late. I banged it up pretty good before deciding I needed to cover it up with tape. The fact that the handle is not cut all the way through doesn't help matters as you can't slip a strap through the handle. The bottom plastic flashing keeps popping out when the wheel takes a spill. It snaps back in but it's a PITA. I will be installing custom padding soon. In the meantime I am taking it easy, now that I am past the falling down stage (4th day).

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