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Msx pedal racket.

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Having no problem riding my msx I calibrated it, but it showed different horizontal values on the pedals every time. I thought they were the problem cause one didnt close as tight to the shell. Fixed it with a file. But it didnt solve the horizontal problem. When placing the Phone with a waterpass app against the pedal hangers/rackets they differ 4 degrees. I tried to find info on problems with these but it seems no one has had any faulty rackets so far. They are massive so I dont understand how they could differ. The installment also prevents them from being angled differently? My solution to this is calibrating it so that one side is facing up a little and one is facing down. Have I missed anything??

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It's not a problem with your phone. There's a magnet in the pedal so any phone will show inaccurate results because of it. Use a real bubble level to get accurate results. 

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