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Ninebot Z series battery question


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Anyone have good knowledge of the Z battery setups?

I believe that all the Z's use the same motherboard and power board. Certainly, the power board on my Z6 visibly appears to be the same as the Z10, and I also have the 2x power plugs which exit on the battery side, one of which is not used on my Z6 battery which only has one output plug.

So the question is, could I make a straight swop of my Z6 battery for a Z10 one? I see no reason why not, but thought I would ask.

Possibly I would need to run Z10 firmware so that the motherboard can 'see' the dual plugged Z10 battery?

If all else fails it wouldn't be hard to splice the two Z10 batteries together in parallel and run them into the single plug currently used. Voltage would remain the same, the only issue with this is that the app/firmware wouldn't pick up the doubling of available Wh which would reflect in the remaining shown battery percentage. I could work with this though.

And yes I could just buy a complete Z10 but I really don't need the speed nor the rest of the wheel except the battery :)


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