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Inmotion V3 Charging


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Just received my inmotion v3 today. Came with no charge on it. Plugged the charger into the wall and there's a green light on the charger that lights up. Plug it into the bike and nothing happens, but I leave it and just hope that's normal. Looked up a few video online and looks like nothing is supposed to indicate it is charging (which seems dumb) from what I can see.

It shipped with lots of padding and nothing looks to be damaged. Charger pin and everything looks fine. Charger gets a little warm but 6 hours have gone by and it still says low battery. I've moved it 3 times to different outlets but no luck. It is supposed to charge in 2 hours.

It only comes with a manual in Chinese and I can't find English online. From what I can understand of it, it says the charger light should change from red to blue once charged so maybe the fact that mine has been green for 6 hours is saying something? But I read the whole manual and didn't see anything in it about a green light on the charger. Does anyone have experience with this model? Did I just receive a dud? Thanks!

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The tip of the charger does look like a USB plug, but it's yellow and also it has a fatter hole and the hole is in the middle not a half-hole.  It looks like my laptop charger tip except the voltage is different.  When you plug it in the back of the wheel (eu) you also have to slide the port all the way to the right before it will insert all the way inside - that's how the port is covered, by this sliding door.  Once the tip is fully inserted then you can plug the power into the wall.  The Inmotion will show charging lights blinking as it's filling up the bars.

Here's another tip - if the wheel is just sleeping, meaning the power button is lighted up, you can fully turn it off by holding your finger down on the right end of the slider power button - hold until it starts plays the drums that means it's powering off.

The power-on slider - touch finger on the left end of the slider and it will light up (and I think this is in sleep mode but not on).  To turn on, slide finger all the way to the other end on the right - when it's on you know it because it will self balance and go upright.  If you slide it again from left to right it will turn off (but be in sleep mode).  When you slide your finger from right to left the headlight and brake light will turn on.  Slide it again to turn off the lights.


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