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King Song Instant Stand - Easy DIY


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Here's a tip that should come in handy for current King Song owners.

If you ever need to set your EU down but don't want to just lay it flat and risk scratching it unnecessarily..  buy one of those handy tire valve extensions they sell for EUCs, as shown in (first pic) and place it as so... (2nd pic)

This allows the pedal to be used as a stand -- just as it was originally designed for the KS 14B.

The added weight of the battery and motor of the KS 14C was too much for the pedal, but a little bolstering from a EUC accessory that comes in handy (it can make pumping the tire up a little easier in certain situations) and you have an instant stand whenever you need to set your wheel down for a few...

The third pic is a close up in case you need details.

Just another "undocumented feature" I love about this wheel B)


EUC Valve.jpg

King Song valve stand.jpg

King Song valve stand closeup.jpg

You might wonder what this was doing in the picture (fourth pic)

Well if you don't want to be bothered to hunt down a valve extension and happen to have a Trader Joe's nearby.... You can use this as a stand as well...



TJ NIBS stand.jpg

TJ NIBS stand closeup.jpg

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AND if you happen to wonder what that bloody dismembered finger on the floor in the background is there for... Well guess what!

:wacko: You get the idea, you can pretty much use anything to pry in there and support the pedal. Much better than mounting something on full-time and cluttering up the looks of the machine. Just stick the valve extension in your pocket in case you need it.

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