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Z10 in UK - is it wise to buy guys?

Guest PogArt Artur

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Guest PogArt Artur

Hi, I'm planing to upgrade from my E+...

Out there are two wheels only I'd be pleased to consider ;

GotWay Msuper X & Ninebot One Z10

The MSX is straight forward purchase, if I only could find best deal to afford the spending, but Z10 is worrying me...

I love its look and design, I know it's less power than MSX.., Z10 52V ?, but as far as I know it's performing very well, the miles it does cover on single charge will do for me as well...

I doubt I'd like to go farther, than 50km round trip... (or I'm wrong :) )

Unfortunately there's no service in UK?

I'm directing this post to the UK owners (riders) - guys, would you buy Z10 again? 

Is there problem to fix it? Is there any private engineer who's able to fix Z10's issues please?

I've found online price £1290, I think I could afford it, 1 year warranty and free shipping UK.

The MSX costs around £1800, it's way above my pockets :(

So I consider Z10 for my upgrade, but I'm very worry ...


PS.; The seller assured me, that they'll arrange and cover the fees, regarding warranty service.


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Guest PogArt Artur
4 minutes ago, Wonderwebb said:

If your going to spend £1300  then just order an msx of ali Express I  had same question last week and went msx 84volt for £1286. 

Thank you for reply, but it's too late for me, lol :)

I could try on both today, the MSX and Z10...

I wasn't impressed with riding on MSX as much as on Z10!

I just fell in love to Z10 today :)

Congratulation for the choice my friend!!!

The price is so friendly indeed, for such awesome wheel :)

Unfortunately I couldn't enjoy it as much as I did Z10...

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