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Garrie Lim

Kingsong 16X charging port

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Hi there. I ride a Gotway MsX and will be getting my KS16X somewhere in June. This will be my first KS Wheel with the Lenovo type charger.  


I just wanna check if the connector is universal, just one size, similar to the 18XL


Since I ride escooters and msx, I’ve got plenty of different amp chargers at home.  I have gotten adaptors made for gx16-3 to 4 pin. 

Now I wanna make a gx16-3 to Lenovo adaptor. 


I dont forsee any issue right? Just need to find out the correct polarity ?

The charger from ewheels look nice but I can’t really see myself dropping $150 UsD on yet another charger. 

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Correct charger voltage and correct pin polarity is the only thing that matters. So you just need some adapters.

(Technically, I have never tried, but I have never heard anything to the contrary.)

Only thing that could go wrong is if the charging current melts your charge port because the current is too high. Unlikely that you have such a strong charger though.

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