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Asif Ali

Buy second hand Mini, Mini Pro, Mini Plus, Lite , "S" modeles: some tips

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On 7/31/2018 at 3:51 AM, jojo33 said:

Wakatta :thumbup:

I want to know about segway mini pro..

What should be noticed if some one buy 2nd hand mini pro?


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11 hours ago, Asif Ali said:

What should be noticed if some one buy 2nd hand mini pro?

Mainly the condition of the battery. Does it charge to 100% (=good), has it been stored at full or at empty for longer perioids (=bad)?

Other than that, check that everything works, the app connects, and anything that shouldn’t move doesn’t move.

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Posted (edited)

In reply to @Asif Ali



1- It is necessary to become familiar with the appearance of the model

visit the official Segway Ninebot websites, look also at the spare parts. In details, the place where is registered the mark, the official stickers of the mark and standards FCC, Europe, look at the packaging, the returns of users with an unbox


2 - Be familiar with all about Mini fake modeles


3 - Ask the seller a screenshot of the datas in the Ninebot application
Ask him if he has not put a bluetooth security code, for not to be blocked after when you will use it
Check that all the data of the battery and the devie, the serial number, the firmware versions of the Mini and the BMS, etc., all these data must appear

If not appears, it's a fake/clone
Datas justify the authenticity of the Mini


4 - Ask for screenshot in the app about mileage

5 - Need Android Device, please install (unknow source) this apk Ninebattery app, this app will help you to check battery cells state, connect Mini by bluetooth


5 - Please check these parts 

ask to remove the battery and check each extremities to see if the chassis is not fractured


Light front & back

Listen each motorwheel

Tires conditions

If steering bar is unmount, check the steering shaft, the steering axis/shaft must not move

Pads conditions: small pressure with two fingers on the front, then on the back, on each pads, are they reactive?

If not, pads or joystick under are worn, or the pads have been removed and replaced incorrectly

Take care (in China too), Mini PRO N3M260=22km mileage and Mini Pro N3M300 (China) N3M320 (world) = 30 km mileage

Prices : please look and convert chinese prices with ninebot.cn store online (if you buy in China)

For the world, Mini PRO second hand, price must be < 450$

Mini "S" price <300$, Lite too

Mini Plus < 450$


@mrelwood  I forgot something ? :popcorn::efef2e0fff:

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2 hours ago, jojo33 said:

@mrelwood  I forgot something:popcorn::efef2e0fff:

Wow... Nope, I think you’re good. :lol:

What a marvellously comprehensive checklist!

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