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Ninebot One Z6 $959/ 852€ {update july 2}

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Bad news

I am a member of this forum
I can not publish a good deal
if the dealer is not honest

If they are not honest with their partner
They will not be honest with their customers
so with forum members
in consequence I do not associate my name, my reputation with these resellers

I experienced the shipping garantee
Gearbest did not honor its commitments
(I ordered a phone that was stolen on the way)
Gearbest was not responsive
After opening a ticket,
Gearbest let my ticket hang over for a month
it was a real disaster
Paypal was also not responsive, I had no news from them after a month
I had to make the claims myself with the French Post who refunded me
I asked Gearbest to refund me for the shipping guarantee fee, they refused
I do not advise you anymore to take Gearbest's shipping guarantee



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Thats a good price for the Z6, although the Gearbest Chinese vendors will have to do a little better on the Z10 price which is currently £1650 on Ebay and only 10 days delivery.

Staggering that the Z10 averages £1000 more than the Z6, I just dont think its £1000 more of a wheel. I personally think that £1400 would be the upper limit and even then I am not convinced its twice the wheel that the Z6 is. Twice the range is nice, but £1000 extra for the bigger battery and 10 extra kmh is a bit strong IMO.

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12 hours ago, Planemo said:

Gearbest Chinese vendors

Yes Z10 price is reaaly high, previous prices for Z10 were around 1300/1400 euros

I will ask for a better price


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Unfortunately, today I'm not going to say any more positive things about Gearbest

Many people here know that I am affiliated with Gearbest and that I receive commissions, usually with my good deal.

I want to tell you all that I prefer my position as a forum member to my Gearbest affiliate position

I had serious issue with gearbest customer service two month ago, for an order, and they were not honest with me

I lost money, They did not even want to use the shipping garantee for refund my order lost
I paid for the shipping garantee for nothing, The package never arrived, In addition Paypal didn't want to refund me, because of Gearbest who blocked the ticket i had opened with Gearbest order

I am affiliated with Gearbest, but they have been horrible, the worst experience with them, If they were not honest with me, they might not be honest with other members

Drop the transport warranty and if there is a problem, treat it directly with Paypal only, otherwise Gearbest will make the ticket last two months
To wait for a euc two months, and wait another two months to change it if any issue, ...no, i'm not agree
For me Gearbest it's over
it's thieves
in addition I must announce you something else that I discovered...

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