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[Suggestion] EUC under profile information

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Just now, meepmeepmayer said:

Definitely a good idea!!! :thumbup:

Well i thought about it, we have no signatures on this forum and on each thread we have to go thru the process of saying, yeah i have this wheel and i previously had this, etc.

It's a feature, a must-needed one. ;)

(thank you for supporting this :cheers: )

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4 minutes ago, meepmeepmayer said:

I just hope the forum software supports custom fields like this. But I 101% support this.


You mean no mandatory wheel info in the signature?

Other forums have signature for the user to show on each post/reply, after the post.

For example here it's a line and after that its the + sign and the "Quote", on other forums there are signatures that people fill with personal information, like their wheel collection and such.

but i'm gonna "hack" the system, i'm gonna add more about my EUC on the location text field that i see can take more characters without limiting. You can see it an action if you look under my animated avatar :P 

Edit: scratch that, we have signatures i forgot i switched to OFF about a year ago! sorry

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Yeah i edited the post but you where probably composing your reply!

Anyway topic still stands, we would like the extra field, cause if you don't add it, we (at least me) would type extra on the location field :P

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A problem with the extra field might be that it makes a post too tall. If you look at short posts from people with no signatures, the left part is the tallest one.

But I still think it is a good idea. Wheels are central information here, and it distracts less from the conversation than signatures that are physically between posts.

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..plus there may be people, like me, that have switched off the sig and no way of telling, maybe change the member titles and also the member category to be in the same line for example your profile by like

Veteran, Top Member
+7,567 | 5,272 posts
Rosenheim, Germany
Wheel model

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That has been a great idea, thank you! Used it at once for my profile. I don´t know if its possible to align multiple wheels when putting them in one line. Maybe I shouldn´t buy so many of them...:rolleyes:

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  • 2 months later...

@John Eucist is it possible to add colour coding to the EUC field? this would save some text. 

Example suggestion

  • Green: own and riding, 
  • Blue: ordered
  • Red: sold/rip.
  • Purple: tested

and cloud be used to indicate miles or km too 



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