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Is it possible to fit ACM v2 pedals to an Msuper X?

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Hey guys!

Contemplating buying an MsuperX for $1530. An upgrade to my ACM v2 for sure (battery is dying). But I am a bit wary...

Is it possible to fit ACM v2 pedals to an Msuper X?

If so, will they angle better? And by better, I mean less of an angle. 

I like mine flat!

Thanks for all input!

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All Gotway pedals fit all Gotway wheels.

The angle is determined by the pedal bracket, not the pedal itself. So you'll get the same angle with any pedal. You'll have to file off the pedals (or pedal brackets, probably the worse idea) to reduce the angle.

For reference, there are only 4 Gotway pedals:

  • Old Gotway pedals (small, red rubber inserts), also used on the mten3
  • ACM/Tesla etc. pedals (bigger, grip tape only)
  • msuper etc. pedals (elongated, sheared rectangle, red rubber stripes inserts)
  • new Nikola pedals (slightly bigger than the ACM shape, rubber antislip instead of grip tape)

What's the mileage on your ACM that the batteries are dying? Or did they just fail in some other way?

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I've got 6500 kilometers on the ACM. After a wheel and tube change the other day, the battery is only charged to 90%, and when I ride it, it acts as if there's only 50% power, and fast acceleration (like I normally do) gives power-induced tiltback - and sure enough, my app confirms it dips to 20% power when doing that. I have removed all tiltback that isn't hardware (like the power induced one). I'm going to reopen the wheel tomorrow and see if maybe a cable came loose or jammed/cut off in the reassembly process.

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