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Any (female) content creators / riders / up to date freestylers?


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☑   Knowing what wheel to go for in about a month (KS14D/S / MCM4)

☑   Joined dutch/EU community

☐   Follow inspiring contentcreators


Hii all I'm missing for feeding my daily hype are nice content creators
I wonder if theres any female athletes or bad ass enjoyers out there? Or some cool freestylers?

I am following Anna Veverkova (but shes no longer making any more videos) and Electric Unicycles EU. 
I also enjoyed the freestyle videos from Monsieur Flex and EWheel motion. 

I'm not so interested in unicycle review videos, but want to rather see them enjoying rides, showing off tricks or showing their trips.
I want more girlpower in this sport :D I'm sure they're out there..

Also any know any active Instagrammers with unicycles? 

I dont know how to find them, so, much appreciated! :D 

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I've seen quite a few female riders just cruising and styling on EUCs but as for tricks and advanced tech I've really only seen guys make that kind of content commonly.
I definitely would love to see more females making content, I encourage you to. Soon I will stop being lazy and start making content myself :efee6b18f3:

The first two I ever saw that really impressed me were these vids (since Hirsute was posted already) - 




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