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Ninebot Z tyre pressure adjustment solution


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I know Marty uses the Slime valve extenders to sort his Z tyre pressures, but they seem to be hard to come by in the uk. I also like the flexibilty of the stock extender as it helps prevent the possibility of cross threading the valve stem. Of course, we know the 2 problems with the stock item- the collar that screws onto the tyre valve is free to spin against the rubber tube - not ideal when you are trying to screw it on with the tube! Also, we know that there is no valve at the other end of the tube so that even if you do manage to get it on, you immediately lose all the pressure which makes setting pressures accurately a bit of a pain.

To solve the first issue, a simple bit of electrical tape stops the collar spinning.

To solve the second, I bought a valve extender for £2 off the bay that has a valve in it. I happened to get a 90 deg one as it suits my pump and electronic pressure gauge. Works perfectly :)

I did consider getting a long, single piece brass valve extender but many that I saw did not have a means of pressing on the tyre valve. Ok for filling up, not good for letting air out, and a pain to set accurately.


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