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Dualtron thunder full power?

Charles Burton

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Hi all.

Ill have a better search of the forum shortly but ive undone the grey wire that limits speed to 20kmphr and it still doesnt seem a whole lot faster than my dualtron mx1.5?? Is there something else that Im missing? It eventually got to 70 but took a while. Feels like its holding back.. have adjusted all P settings to max also.. any ideas? Thnx

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:w00t2:yes, yes, yes ...in a YouTube video the eggspert owner disconnects one grey wire  on the left under the deck facing the handle-bars & it definitely works & unlocks the e-scooter, but only tested MOUNTED on a stand ...and in a 2nd YouTube video by Alien Rides sponsored by lastmilestore.com Sep 5 2018, the expert scooterist aaaaaalso disconnects a second wire on the right-hand side of the wiring looms ...and it also unlocks the Dualtron THUNDER for their speed/road-test (mmm, 2 controllers, 2 motors, 2 grey wires ??)

Henry Tan the Exclusive/Sole NZ minimotors DUALTRON importer at scoozzi.nz should be able to tell you ...but l'm unsure whether he will be willing to compromise his christian values & rigid conformist politically-correct code of behavior ...you must have signed his famous DISCLAIMER with a Notary or Justice of the Peace to witness your signature & provided a photocopy of your Driver's License or Passport to have been permitted to buy a Dualtron THUNDER in New Zealand in the first place ...Henry must know all about the factory installed "governors" he puts into his imports, it was Henry that had the minimotors factory put those nice big noisey, off-road knobby mud tyres on your THUNDER, hehe!

Henry is a nice guy, just telephone him & ask him ...he won't bite your head off, lol :popcorn:remember Charles, you promised that you were at least 28 years old & going to behave yourself & just scoot around in circles inside your own private backyard :D

...imagine Henry is a rabid ex-pat singaporean Chow Chow dog chewing on your toes, yapping "l'm hungary, buy me lunch, buy me lunch, buy me lunch, ggrrr"

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2 cents worth
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