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How to remove pedals/cranks & access motor on Solowheel Xtreme?

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Hi all,

I recently bought a used Solowheel Xtreme. Rode it for about 20 minutes, then sparks came out of it and it stopped running. Took it apart to find that the metal snapped where one of the pedals (crank arm) is supposed to attach to the axle. The main thick cable (I assume to motor cable) also got cut since it goes through the crank arm.

I am confident I can rewire the thick cable, but to do that it seems I have to get inside the motor. To get inside the motor, I would probably either have to remove the crank that is still attached to the axle, or possibly remove the material on the side of the wheel.

Anyone know how to do this? Also, anyone know of a source for a new axle/crank assembly? It looks like the Solowheel Xtreme is not manufactured any longer.

Attaching photos of what the damage looks like.

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from the photos it seems that you already removed the screws on the circumstance of the hub caps. Now you just need to use some force - ideally special tool for opening hub motors. No need to remove the remains of axle. Regarding the change of axle, probably easiest option is to find someone who can mill you one. But the whole process including reassembly is quite complicated so might be worth it to just by another wheel.


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