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New Ninebot One E+ NYC with free lesson. $849

Citi Wheel

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I'm selling a new ninebot one E+. I bought an extra one so that my girlfriend and I could ride around together when we went places but she wasn't having any of this idea. Let me know if you're interested. I just took it out of the box to inflate the tire and to make sure it turned on, but it's brand new otherwise.


Edit: If it's going to be your first wheel, I'll through in a lesson too with purchase of the ninebot. Most of my friends I showed, picked up the basics in about an hour or so.

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None of ur friends want to buy it now that they picked it up!?


A couple of them already bought their own. The others are waiting for until spring time before they buy.

OK, so I know I'm addicted but shouldn't you be thinking along the lines of an 'alternative' girlfriend and KEEPING the EUC ;):P ??

Sorry - couldn't resist!


It was definitely a check in the CON section lol

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