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Reactions and weird encounters while riding an EUC

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Was wondering what others memorable or outstanding reactions or questions they have gotten while riding about.

One of my favorite things anyone has ever said came from a coworker-
"Man that thing is the coolest, you look like a bounty hunter from Star Wars every time you pull up"
This guy seems to be the most likely to get a wheel, he's very interested in getting one but he can't afford one supposedly. So he won't even try it once or get the feel of it because he's afraid he'll get addicted and really want one. That's one thing I like about the inmotion styling, it does look like something the Dark Side elite imperial army would use. I just need to get that Boba Fett rocket backpack....

My first time trying to learn to ride I went out real late in my places parking lot....and just as I was about to take my first tries some drunk guys walked up and saw me just as they exited the bar (They had illegally parked at my apt. complex's lot). The guy was staring at me for a while. I was wheeling it around stalling, waiting for them to leave before I tried to ride it and he asked if it was an e-bike, I'told him what it was and he yelled to his friend "Hey Bill, this guy is from the future, he's an alien"

On my first real public voyage I made the mistake of trying it out just as all the kids got out of school, so as you can imagine a lot were making loud noises and yelling question at me. I get kind of annoyed when kids yell at me "How much does it cost?!" So I just reply "About tree-fiddy!" every time now.

Yesterday I had a nice conversation as I waited for my food at Rapid Fired Pizza with an older couple. The guy was real curious about it and told me it's something he'd see on this show he watches called "TBD". I told him they've been a thing since 2011 and I was perplexed why more people haven't heard about them,. He was surprised and told me to be safe and wear head protection (I don't unless I go above 10 mph).

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I seriously dislike "how much does it cost" questions when people don't even try to understand what you're driving (car, motorcycle, EUC, custom "something," etc...), since there's no right answer. For EUCs I say, "They're really affordable, have your parents buy you two."

For parents, "Not much, I got a great deal."

It's like asking how fast the micro-quads I build go...almost everyone wants to know, even though the difficulty in flying something that fits in the palm of your hand is way more important.

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How much does that thing cost? Well?  .... It seemed to me the question was more aimed towards, how much could I get for that thing  at a pawn shop? While I feel fairly equipped to defend myself there is always a limit to what i can do and some amount of danger. So!? I told the guy that I had no idea because the guy down the block is giving them away. 

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