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King Song in Canada


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I create the thread for fellow Canadians who want to order a King Song wheel in Canada. Unfortunately, it seems that there are shipping problems right now to get it here, so I had to ship mine to the border using kinek, which is just a company that safely receives it for you. I ordered mine from electric unicycle reviews (hi Will!) Tuesday night, and I am waiting for it to ship.

I will keep you updated on crossing the border with it and how long it took to get here. I will have to pay HST, and I do not expect any problem as I will go by car, but we never know, with those big li-po...

I ordered a 500W, 520wh king song. I'd like to post a video review, I think there is not enough video material on the king song wheels online. I will keep you updated!

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On 10/11/2015, 10:54:21, Jebarus said:

Update: I received it. No problem at the border, they did not even looked at it. I declared it for its actual value and had to pay 5% GST. It is fun to ride!

Well?  Reminder, you said you would do a video?  I agree there isn't enough Kingsong videos out there.

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