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[Help] Turned on Bluetooth on a different phone....alarm activated and can't turn off

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So today I paired my KS18s to a different 2nd phone in order to try to play music from the speakers. The first phone paired had wheelog and the KS app previously installed, but i uninstalled it and only reinstalled wheelog recently.  My first phone could not get music to play out of the speakers, hence pairing with the 2nd phone.  I did not install any apps on this second phone.  As  rode to work today, I started getting the alarm at 20mph and tilt back, even when bluetooth was off or on on both phones. So i messed around with the settings in my first phone in wheel log. I don't know what i did but i got the tilt back to stop; however the alarm keeps turning on at 20mph

The tilt back was more annoying than the alarm, esp as im playing music i can't really hear it. But is it any sort of issue as in draining the battery significantly if i'm constantly above 20mph for an hr trip or could it affect the device in any other way.  I'm inclined not to mess with it if it doesn't appear to be a problem.


Would you advise using the official kingsong app? it's got such terrible reviews

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Yes the beeper will wear the battery down.....in about two years. Draws almost nothing.:D

Sounds like you have got some crossed wires between your asps and phones.  I would force both phones to "forget" King Song then using one phone only, reconnect the bluetooth and see what parameters are set, tilt, beep, etc.  Change accordingly.

There are two bluetooth channels, one for music and one to communicate with the control board.  It's this last one you need to "forget" but do them both, to make a clean break.

Sometimes when two devices or two apps have been connected to a wheel, some parameters get changed and you wont know until one of them bites you in the ass, like tilt back at 15kph when you thought it was set at 40.

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