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Just bought a Scooter Project

Gaz Bon

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So on Friday bought a E scooter A$100 as per pics below

Was told battery not holding charge

Had a small crash prior Forks and bars bent

So battery easy fix 1 of the BMS wires had broken (dated June 2017)

So stripped front end and Straightened forks with some heat,

Bars replaced with some old motor bike bars from my Yamaha SR

Front guard was cracked in a few places, kinda fixed ,bit dodgy , but seems fine

So just waiting on some paint to dry

Only thing cant fix without a replacement part is front brake lever ,will order tomorrow

But happy days 

more picks to come



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Nice! :thumbup:

That brings back memories. :wub:

When I was a kid I grew up in a machine shop. With a little help I built an electric mini bike. (Back in 1981) I used an old gas mini bike frame, 51'Ford starter, car battery, V belt and a micro switch controlling a Ford starter solenoid. The V belt gave the system a little slip but the throttle was all or nothing. The starter was 6 volt while the battery was 12 volt. I got over 1,000 miles on the mini bike before the motor fields gave out. The car battery and V belt only lasted about 6 months (300 miles). Car batteries come with a 1 year full warranty. :whistling:  My middle school even let me charge the battery while I was in class. 

After the motor fields burned out I replace the 6 volt fields with 12 volt fields but it was just not the same. It had less speed and power. I also tried a deep cell rechargeable boat battery. I got less power, less distance and the battery did not last as long. :confused1:

   Range: 5 miles 

   Speed: 27 MPH 

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