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Inmotion V10F change owner. Any options?


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Hi i buy Inmotion V10F from second hand i was propably as returnware form France. I buy it legally with all equipment as original box all instructions and warranty card, but previous owner didnt logout this wheel, is there any option to change owner to me?

I try to contact Inmotion but there is no answer on my emails, i think there will be one option but it wont be good for the company, in V10F motherboard there is one programmable flash chip same as bios in PC motherboard it propably store serial number, i have Inmotion V8 PCB to tests (V8 and V10F PCB are almost the same all logic it should be the same), i downloaded firmware from this chip and i will try to find serial number for change, next step will be change serial to newer signed one.

Or maybe there is another option?

Sorry for my english :)

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I need to sory Inmotion service, when i send message on site no one ansewer but when i write on mial in contact mr. Anthony writes back and he help me. And for now i dont need to change my serial number.

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