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What is the best backpack ?

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On 6/17/2020 at 5:32 PM, Planemo said:

Thanks for the great review! As you say, it does indeed have a big gap there, that would really annoy me. I like packs to be tight and low profile, this does look quite 'floppy' and baggy.

It's not that floppy when it locks into place properly, but it can take a few tries to get it to do so. And if you look at that paracord holding it in place and the friction involved every time you pull it back in place, especially when loaded with some weight, I personally wouldn't trust its longevity... 

I've asked to return it and while they have agreed, their response times are extremely slow. 2 weeks and I'm still waiting to receive the prepaid return/postage label... 

I ended up going for the Thule Accent 23L. It's well built, not ridiculously overpriced, good size for everyday use, has a quick access pocket I can get to without taking the backpack off, a hard shell compartment on top that I'll use for my Insta/GoPro, and  the lack of a ton of internal pockets (there are a few) can easily be made up for with a cheap tech organizer (I use this one, which can be easily slid in and out of the backpack to grab stuff). The only drawback is that it isn't fully water resistant, but I live in Spain, I'll just throw a rain cover on for the 3 days a year when it does rain 😂

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On 6/17/2020 at 4:56 PM, Unventor said:

@travsformation I use a Vaude Alpin backpack these days. They have a new look this year and I don't recall if it is a 32+5L or 25+5L

Thanks for the recommendation! Should have looked into it more thoroughly before buying a backpack, this looks sweet (especially the carrying the weight on your hips). But I'm pretty fussy about pack distribution and the Thule is pretty close to my liking. My ideal would have been the Boundary Supply Errant if only the concept had a little more capacity and had been a little better executed (external pockets taking upinternal space, rigid material that doesn't expand... A lot of great concepts but they don't seem to work well together or blend into a coherent whole). And, well, the price... If I added the (non-included) phone pouch on the shoulder strap + the hip straps (which have pockets), the price shot up to 278€, which honestly, is not something I'd be willing to pay for a backpack... 

The lesson I take from this is... YouTube never ceases to me surprise me! The number of channels devoted exclusively to backpack reviews... 😲😱🤣

Not too sure about what that says about our global culture...we're a bit too consumption oriented/obsessed? Well, what can you do about it... God knows how many hours of my life I wasted  watching backpack reviews so I'm hardly the right person to criticize... 😅😂

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What is the best backpack ? :roflmao:

Since i have more than 50 backpacks i'm sure, i have to disqualify myself from answering.  

I sometimes wish life was so simple.  

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On 6/24/2020 at 7:46 PM, Tryptych said:


chest_protector_gpx_4.5_hydra_blkwht_2018_5.jpg  chest_protector_gpx_4.5_hydra_blkwht_2018_2.jpg

This thing haunted me in my sleep and taunted me endlessly during daylight hours.

I broke down and ordered it.

Now I need a 2nd mortgage.

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