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Every since I got myself into EUC last year,  I was always amazed how those chaps on YouTube were able to capture awesome videos minusing the sefie stick. Many are using the insta360 one or the insta360 one x and yes they look amazing.  The only downside was the cost as the one x was around £300 and above, I was looking for a cheaper alternative.  I'm not fussed over 5.7k and how detail it gets as I'm just a beginner and I want to start this hobby affordable . So I went on a research hunt. Finally got myself the xiaomi mi sphere. Lower resolution but has almost the same features as the one x for £153. Say what? Yes a decent 360 camera for just shy over £150. Another reason I got it was it was water resistant and dust proof. The one x needs an additional housing. Does anyone own the mi sphere? 

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These are the ones I'm following. Hopefully someone can comment on them. They all advertise as great looking cameras. I feel like the insta360 speaks for itself but is also the most expensive so, I understand. 


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