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Great Thanks to Alexei / Mimod.ru

Source : M365 Error Codes by Mimod.ru


You can read the m365 errors in three different places

1) Mobile application, if the BLE connecion avaliable.

2) Long and short beeps

3) Long and short flashes of the green led on the ESC (Main controller)


All errors has two digits. The count of long signals is first digit and the count of short signals is the second one. Codes discription is based on firmware analisis and experiments. V1.3.0 firmware was used.


M365 Error code 10 – BLE module communicaion error (not confirmed)


M365 Error code 11, 12, 13, 28, 29 – Current sensors calibration errors or Power MosFET error


M365 Error code 14, 15 – throttle and brake errors


M365 Error code 18 – Hall sensors error


M365 Error code 21 – Battery communication error


M365 Error code 22, 23 – Bad BMS serial number


M365 Error code 24 – Wrong supply voltage


M365 Error code 27, 39 – ESC has wrong serial number in memory or “not activated”


M365 Error code 35


M365 Error code 36 – Battery temperature sensor error or overheating


M365 Error code 40 – Main controller temperature sensor error or overheating


No more codes was found. Codes descriptions will be updated.

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