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Need 16p1s BMS recommendations


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Hey all, it's been a while since I've been on here and it's awesome to see how far EUC technology has come.


I decided to take out my old-school TG T3 EUC and understandably after sitting there for several years, the battery was stuffed. I've got some 30Qs that I want to use to rebuild the battery pack but I don't want to use the original BMS cause it's cheap and it doesn't have cell balancing so I need a new one with all protections and balancing. 


I tried to buy this one:


But for some reason the order didn't ship and just timed out. The seller isn't responding for some unknown reason so I need another supplier. I can't seem to find any other source anywhere.


Can someone please recommended somewhere where I can buy a 16p1s BMS?


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