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Ninebot One S2: Fault of motor sensor or motor is not connected


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A couple of days ago, on my first ride that day, when I tried to turn my Ninebot One S2 (while it was standing on the ground), it didn't level up, but instead started flashing/blinking lights in the lower section of the wheel. After several tries, it finally turned on properly and I was able to ride it.

Today, on my second ride (about 2 hours after the first, without charging it between rides), it happened again. After a couple of attempts, it still didn't turn on properly, so I connected the app and saw this message: "Fault of the motor sensor or motor is not connected". After it was turned off and on its side for about a minute (while I was getting ready to call a taxi), I was able to finally turn it on and it balanced. I spent my short ride with my hands in front of me, just in case the motor decided to "rest".

As this happened a second time in the same week, I am wondering: is it still safe to use? Once motor finally works,  should it continue to work while riding or is there a risk it stops working mid-ride suddenly?


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It is possible to be bad connection of the hall sensors or motor. Try to disconnect and reconnect the connectors of the sensors and motor. You have to remove only  the side cover for the main board. I forgot which side, left or right it is

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You mean disconnecting/re-connecting the motor/sensors/mainboard wires on the battery "side" or also re-connecting them directly on the mainboard? (I think the mainboard is on the left side, as far as I remember, because there are more wires connecting to the battery there than on the other side and also because E+ model also has the mainboard on the left.)

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