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Just out of curiosity, am I the only one who rides in sub 25f degree weather. I noticed 30f is probably the lowest weather you want to ride any distance further than a few blocks.

anything colder the mini’s sensors stop functioning. I learned this the hard way last year riding in 5f degree weather (with windchill) and the minipro stopped balancing itself (1 mile into the ride) Slowly but surely. I had to walk about 5 blocks (turned off) and then It was slowly started balancing and responding again, but the sensors were reacting very slow and barely made it back home. I’m pretty sure it’s the batteries being too cold after awhile that prevents the machine from functioning properly but perhaps it’s also the sensors not being able to function in conjunction with the lower power output due to freezing temps.

anyone else have fun freezing weather experience with the minipro?

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-10•C (15•F) is often the minimum allowed operating temperature on self-balancing vehicles per their user manuals. Sometimes warmer than that. I did ride almost every day through the winter (since Christmas) on my knobby-tired MiniPro, but I don’t think the temperature was ever colder than that.

Past winters I have ridden my A3 at -15•C, but I can’t take that kind of cold for very long, so I don’t think the vehicle sensors got below -10•C at any point.

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22 hours ago, Shawnee Moon said:

I rode my new S yesterday to get it over the beginner speed (I had the original Segway years ago). Only bad thing: I froze my hands!!!

Note to self: wear double layered gloves.

Probably cover anything that wind will seep into the body.

I’ve yet to ride in less than 40F this year.

I think it’s cooler by 10 degrees in riding the segway because there is little or no movements to generate heat.

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