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Recommendations for a video camera?

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I’ve never filmed with an action camera and I’m hoping to learn soon , can anyone point me in the right direction for a decent ez to use (software) camera?

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Depends on how poor your lighting conditions are.

Broad daylight = any gimbal + any action cam/cellphone.

I have a few action cams that aren't worth much without the gimbal, I just use them in case a driver runs me over.

However, if you can go much bigger, the half sized cameras with built in stabilization are near motionless and you get to shoot in darker conditions. They are spooky in their lack of movement and they seem to all be about the same.

Fuji xt20 + 18-55

Olympus Pen-F / em10.2 / em5.2 + any lens

Canon SL1 + 18-55

The above cameras I have and for something smooth like an EUC you probably don't need a gimbal.

Too bad you missed the 20% off sale yesterday for this little guy. All accounts show this new generation camera has astonishingly high stabilization that blows my cameras away, with it working almost as good as gimballed cameras so long as you don't hit the gimbal limits.


@Tishawn FahieFahie uses a big ol' DSLR with a gimbal, as does (usually) Cassie neistat, but then we're talking about several thousand dollars.

In practice I use either rhe Canon SL1 if I think I might drop it, or an Olympus if I don't, or the Fuji if I'm standing and shooting others. All have insurance that cost like $24 a year for all cameras and lenses.

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27 minutes ago, OliverOliverOliver said:

Just bought myself a xiaomi mi sphere 360 camera.  Water and dust proof and it has 6 axis stabilization  for under £200. 


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The new Gopro 7 black is very good. Took mine skiing a few weeks ago and it coped well, the results were impressive. I used to use a gimble but after 30 secs or so it tended to become rather overwhelmed.

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Well, @OliverOliverOliver Based on all the info you provided, and all the good vids coming from The Backymeister and Stephen, I bit the bullet and ordered myself one.  But I found a better deal here:


They're also in HK but it was £12 cheaper, but at the last minuite I added £10 of shipping insurance just in case.  Paid with PayPal for more security.

I guess I now need to look for a Backymeister style extra long selfie stick and some wicked fast memory.

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