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Minipro intermittently LIFE-THREATENING unsafe, veering right

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I am the ORIGINAL OP (Rider222), and yesterday, after all these years, my wife's BLACK minipro hit a small pot hole on the sidewalk, and her minipro twisted right, causing her body to twist, and she fell forward and got hurt.  Luckily just bruises and scrapes.  This minipro then kept spinning in circles, right.  She was riding  behind me so I didn't see it happen.   I reset her minipro and then I took over and kept driving that unit over the same pot hole, and after a few tries, I was able to repeat that event; it threw me off forward and it kept spinning in place, exactly the same.  This pot hole was minimal, and not much difference than any normal uneven surface. Again, we are long time experts on these and have been over extreme surfaces; in comparison this pot ho  This black minipro for years seemed stable, and all of a sudden within 5 minutes  was able to have the same problem occur twice.  I then ran my white minipro of that same pot hole dozens of times and was not able to repeat any problems.  I switched minipros with my wife, so I then drove the problematic minipro probably 5 miles back to the van, down sidewalks, gravel roads, etc, (cautiously of course), with no further problems.  We don't ride these too much anymore, months can go by between uses, but now I can't trust the black one.  And, now i feel I really can't trust any of them.  This problem is slightly different than the one in my original post.  My original WHITE minipro shot 90 degrees right, and just kept shooting forward.    This BLACK one spins right and keeps spinning in place.

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I still think some thing is going on with the hall sensor. Mine did the same spinning while idle. Bouncing the unit around would sometimes stop it. I believe the bouncing would make the

Sorry to hear about this. Horrible.  I had the same issue with mine and posted here a while back. Fortunately I was going only 2-3 mph when my first problem kicked in. Segway customer service was

I guess I need to see this in person of this happening...ever since Segway put the stupid unneeded extension on knee control... People think they need to have thier legs constantly touching the arm...

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