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Dan the Man

Good news from Germany

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On 2/27/2019 at 2:15 AM, AlexY said:

Just got my Ninebot One S2 confiscated by the police in Berlin after riding it daily for almost a year.

They also mentioned that legislation could be ready in a couple of months.

Ok, but... what about electric unicycles ? Won't you be able to drive it without the handle bar ? 

could you inform me how will be treated, if you have the knowledge please ?

Do you have the papers about and could you share it please ?

If you are not envolved with laws in germany could you please put me in contact with german people working in that way ?

I am in a spanish discussion group ( in talks with Spanish governement ) which is formed by 10 association of drivers of PLEV, and we are so concerned of that term 'just with a handle bar' 







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This week i'm going to Bremerhaven for work. I thought of bringing my ACM for hotel->institute travel...

Based on this thread, I'd better not?

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